Help our Delegate get to Terra Madre!

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Help our Delegate get to Terra Madre!

We are pleased that our co-chair, Gabby Othon Lothrop will be attending Terra Madre, Salone del Gusto and Slow Food International Congress this fall as a U.S. Delegate.  Every five years, Slow Food leaders from 130 countries come together at the International Congress to share their stories and shape the future of Slow Food’s global network. The 2012 International Congress is extra special, as it will be the first to happen concurrently with Terra Madre & Salone del Gusto, a biennial international food and farming conference that celebrates innovative solutions and time-honored traditions for feeding the planet in a good, clean, and fair way.

This year, Slow Food USA has invited Gabby to be a U.S. delegate for this landmark food and farming conference on October 25-29 in Turin, Italy. Being selected for this historic event is a special honor. Gabby is one of 200 to be selected as a delegate out of a pool of 600 applications. Not only does this mean that Slow Food leaders admire the incredible work that Gabby is doing, it also means that we believe Gabby is an important voice in Slow Food and the broader U.S. food movement.

While Slow Food offers housing, food, and ground transportation for delegates, we ask that delegates assume responsibility for their own flight tickets and other incidentals. Many delegates require financial support to attend. We invite you to join us in supporting Gabby, with a donation today.

Both the International Congress and Terra Madre & Salone del Gusto are powerful and transformative experiences. Delegates leave inspired to change the food system through a global consciousness and deeper respect for the diverse, international food movement.

The theme of this year’s event is Feeding the Planet, because we believe everyone on earth has the right to access good, clean, and fair food. The conference will give Gabby a unique opportunity to help build relationships and solidarity between the global South and global North, as well as among diverse communities within the U.S.

Please support Gabby in joining the most diverse U.S. delegation yet to attend the International Congress and Terra Madre & Salone del Gusto. You can make a donation by clicking the donation button below.

Interested in attending Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto?  Click here for more information!

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